President Obama signs S-CHIP into law - a legislative move that will provide healthcare to millions of children

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THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA!! Thank you for seeing us through to providing necessary health care coverage for our nation’s children. 

President Obama signed the S-CHIP legislation on Wednesday that will extend health care to low-income children. This bill will put healthcare back on track for many working-class families.  

Children should not receive their primary care in emergency rooms. The gaps and inconsistency in this approach places their healthcare at risk. They need working relationships with providers that know them, trend their growth and development and provide preventative medicine, rather then react to situations that have ignored until a crisis results.  

For example, a child with asthma that isn’t being carefully managed will make emergency room visits in a crisis or near-crisis state and face more life threatening situations that are completely preventable.  

Thank you to all the legislators and to President Obama for taking this first step in fixing our healthcare system.