Frequently Asked Questions About Child Injuries

While every child’s injury is unique, many people ask similar questions about protecting a child’s recovery after an injury. Browse our FAQ section to learn more about child injury law and recoveries.
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  • Do I need to be the mother or father of an injured child in order to bring a claim on their behalf?

    No, any interested party (for example, relative of some degree - grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin, brother, sister, family friend or some other responsible adult who has a connection to the child) may petition the court to be appointed the "guardian ad litem" for purposes of bringing a lawsuit or making a claim on the child's behalf. Conact The Keane Law Firm today, so we can discuss this with you. There is no charge to call or e-mail our firm to discuss the potential case, and how you can help the child. We would like to speak with you if you believe an injured or abused child needs legal representation.