Learn about an important California court decision, C.A. v Hart, that helps sexually abused children sue their schools when they are sexually abused in school. California child abuse and sexual abuse lawyer Christopher Keane explains how this important decision helps abused children in California have their day in court.

Did you know that until last week, most parents and students in California did not think they could sue their school when they were sexually abused by a teacher or guidance counselor or school administrator?  That's because until the Supreme Court decided the case of C.A. v Hart Union High School District, most child abuse survivors were not given a clear path of how to hold their school and its administrators responsible.  Now they have a clear path.  If you have a sexually abused or physically abused child in California, or if you were sexually abused in school, check out this video and then call.  Do not wait or delay - depending on when it occurred, there are critical time limits within which you need to put the school district on notice.  Go to www.keanelaw.com and fill out a contact form on-line, or call toll-free 888-592-kids (5437) now for help from a top rated attorney with your California sexual abuse lawsuit against the school district and administrators responsible for you or your child being abused instead of taught and protected.